Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Hi. I'm Doug Gann, I edit a newsletter called Southwestern Archaeology Today for the Center for Desert Archaeology. The newsletter service is now two years old, with a few thousand subscribers. The format of the newsletter was already much like a blog, so now we will also be posting the SAT newsletter in a Blog format.

We have developed the SAT newsletter to further its use as a networking tool for professional, academic, and avocational archaeologists working in the American Southwest and Mexican Northwest.

Issues of SAT are published when enough news has accumulated in the aggregators to get at least 3 or 4 articles of interest to our readers. We do not post traditional advertising, however we do keep our readers informed about various not-for-profit events, and we do post listings for archaeological employment.

If you would like to submit an item for publication in the Southwestern Archaeology Today newsletter, feel free to contact me at

If you would prefer to receive this newsletter in its original e-mail format you can sign up for direct delivery by clicking here.

Archives of SAT newsletters are maintained here.