Monday, September 17, 2007

Endangered Historic Spa, Aviation Geoglyphs, & New Events at Gila Cliff Dwellings

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- Video Presentation on Endangered Historic Sites in Arizona: Vince Murray discusses the history of Mesa's Bighorn Baths and why historic places are worth preserving. - East Valley Tribune

- Restoration of an Early Aviation Age Geoglyph: Somewhere out in the Sonoran Desert, about 20 miles east of downtown Mesa, a giant landmark points the way to Phoenix. East Valley residents have seen the landmark on a hill in the Usery Mountain Recreation Area for decades, and last week the marker got a fresh coat of paint. But few people seem to know why it is there or the history behind it.

- Gila Cliff Dwelling Centennial Events for October: Throughout 2007, Gila Cliff Dwellings’ theme Celebrating a Century of Storytelling will guide the special events and programs at the monument, leading up to the actual 100th anniversary on November 16, 2007. Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument Superintendent Steve Riley announced the following October centennial celebration activities. - MS Word Document

-Employment Opportunity (Moab): A full time permanent archaeologist position is being advertised for the Bureau of Land Management in the Moab Field Office, Utah. The position of Archeologist GS-0193-9/11 in Moab, UT is currently open through the
following announcements from 09/14/2007 through 10/08/2007. The announcement open to permanent (career, career conditional) and past permanent (reinstatement eligible) candidates and those eligible through certain special appointment authorities can be accessed at the following link:

- Employment Opportunity (Moab): Temporary detail for Federal BLM archaeologists. The Moab Utah Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management is looking for an individual for a temporary detail of 2-4 months to fill in until a permanent archaeologist can be hired. The individual must currently be a BLM employee and have sufficient Southwestern (Four Corners) archaeological experience to qualify for a BLM permit in the area. If you are interested in this temporary detail, please contact the Acting Moab Field Office Manager, Shelley Smith; Acting Moab Field Office Manager, 435-259-2174 office. 801-750-4608 cell or Email