Friday, March 7, 2008

More on Linguistic Data and the Peopling of the New World, Camp Naco Charette

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- Linguistic Approaches to the Study of the Peopling of the New World: A remote population of a few hundred indigenous Siberians who live thousands of miles west of Alaska speak a language that appears to be an ancient relative of more than three dozen Native languages in North America, experts say. A panel of respected linguists who met in Anchorage on Friday are hailing new research that links the Old World language of Ket, still spoken sparingly along the Yenisei River in western Siberia, and the sprawling New World family of Na-Dene languages -- a broad grouping that encompasses the many Athabascan tribes in Alaska, along with the Tlingit and Eyak people, as well as Indian populations in western Canada and the American Southwest, including the Navajo and the Apache.

- A Hands on Effort to Help Preserve Historic Camp Naco: The Naco Planning Charette will be a "roll-up-the-sleeves" participatory design process. Who? –Naco Community and anyone interested in Naco’s Future. Why? – To discuss an update of Naco Brownfields project, the creation of a park next to the school with walking/running/biking trail, and the preservation and future of Camp Naco Where? – Naco Elementary School, Naco, AZ. When? – Saturday, March 29th, 2008, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. A continental breakfast and lunch will be served. For further information or to join efforts to preserve Camp Naco, contact: CNAPC, c/o Professor J.C. Mutchler, University of Arizona South, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 email Or contact Rebecca Orozco, Director – Center for Lifelong Learning, Cochise College, Sierra Vista, AZ 85607, 520-515-5382 or in Douglas, 520-427-4772, email:

- Urban Sprawl and Lost Arroyos: Residents on the Southwest Side of Tucson have probably noticed a large amount of construction along the Santa Cruz River between Drexel and Irvington roads. As part of a rezoning agreement between the city of Tucson and the developer of the Tucson Spectrum Shopping Center, this reach of the Santa Cruz River is being channelized and stabilized with bank protection. Although this construction will help with flood control and include a river park, I can't help but feel somewhat sad that we have lost another piece of Tucson history.

- Archaeologist James Adovasio Provides a Counterpoint to Hollywood's 10000 BC: Giant mammoths graze the Earth. Saber-toothed tigers are on the prowl. It's 10,000 B.C., and one piece of technology stands between early humans and early demise. Is it bows and arrows? Wrong. Is it the spear? Nope. Try the almighty basket -- a handy device that allowed early humans to store the plant materials that made up about 70 percent of their diets.Surprised? James Adovasio, director of the anthropology and archaeology department at Mercyhurst College, isn't. He says modern media depictions of fur-clad musclemen knocking around big cats and tackling screaming lizards have pumped our heads full of prehistoric hype for years. - Go Erie.Com

- Hopi Cultural Preservation Office Archaeology Month Events: Thursday, March 20, 2008, 7-8 PM, Multimedia Lecture & Discussion: “Hopi Ancestors—Development & Other Impacts on Archaeological Resources and The Role of Descendant People’s Heritage”

- Employment Opportunity: EPG is looking for a Principal Investigator for our Phoenix Office. The ideal candidate would be an experienced individual with a PhD in Anthropology or history (preferred), although a Masters Degree is acceptable. The primary duty for the principal investigator would be reviewing archaeological documents for technical accuracy and completeness. Experience reviewing reports and coordinating with agency personnel is required. Candidates must have already been permitted in Arizona and could easily be permitted in Arizona given their credentials. The candidate must also have experience marketing and managing budgets. This position is salaried with benefits. Salary is dependent on experience and education. Please send resumes and references to

- Employment Opportunity, Aztec Ruins NM: Aztec Ruins NM has an announcement for Archeology Technicians on USAJobs. It will be open for another two weeks. The position is seasonal and will be filled at the GS-05 level. Please pass the message to those who might be
interested. - USA Jobs

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