Monday, June 9, 2008

New Book on Historic O'odham, Pueblo Grande, Az Site Steward Position Open

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- A Pictorial History of the Tohono O'odham Published: For those who think the Tohono O'odham are all about casinos and fry bread, this book should be a real eye-opener. Authored by archaeologist Allan J. McIntyre, "The Tohono O'odham and Pimeria Alta" is the first photographic history book written about the people formerly known as the Papago.

- Take a Peak at the Past at Pueblo Grande: Stare into a pit house at Pueblo Grande Museum, and you'll get a taste of the Hohokam people and their hardscrabble lives. Look around the ruins and you can almost see it one millennia earlier: Women grinding corn under wood arbors; men scratching canals from the banks of the rolling Salt River - then a Southwest 727 lumbers across your sightline and you remember you're in east Phoenix.

- Efforts Underway to Reform Arizona State Land Trust for Preservation: The current initiative, filed in April, proposes to permanently conserve about 570,000 acres of the most sensitive Trust land—about 5 percent of the total—and provides a mechanism through which cities, towns, counties and state agencies can purchase Trust land for conservation purposes without going to auction. The West Desert Preserve is on the current list of the most sensitive land. While it doesn't exactly appear out of place on that list, this little plot of desert, with its skinny trails and thick stands of ocotillo and scrub, its 250-year-old, multi-armed saguaro and its rare and endangered Pima Pineapple cactus, lacks the flash of some of the other acres up for conservation. Many of the other lands on the list are adjacent to famous national and state parks, federal monuments and well-known mountain ranges and recreation areas—places with names like Kartchner, Homolovi, Ironwood, Dragoon, Saguaro, San Pedro, and Grand Canyon.

- Plan Now for the 2008 Pecos Conference: Please submit your conference registration as soon as possible. We need to order meals, conference t-shirts, and other sale items. No Refunds After July 1, 2008. Register Before July 2, 2008 & Save $10.00. All Clothing & Mug Orders Must Be Received By July 11, 2008. Field Trips are filling-up quickly and attendees may want to register early to get their preferred trip selection. Presentation slots are filling-up quickly. You may opt to present a field report, a poster session, or chat at our Speaker's Corner. Research teams should consider all three conference presentation venues to diversify their information sharing techniques. - 2008 Pecos Website

- Help Honor Dave Breternitz at the 2008 Pecos Conference: One of the significant events of the Flagstaff Pecos Conference will be to highlight the contributions of Dave Breternitz to the research programs and development of the Museum of Northern Arizona. We are in the process of putting together a photo gallery and a scrapbook complete with photographs and space to record your thoughts and memories of working with Dave. In order to begin assembling the scrapbook and the gallery we are requesting submission of any photographs or memorabilia that you'd like to have included. Please have your submissions to Todd Metzger by no later than Friday, July 18, 2008. Please send whatever you have to Todd either electronically or via snail-mail. For most photographic material we can scan the original material and send the items back to you. If you have any questions on what is appropriate to send please don't hesitate to get in touch with Todd. He can be reached at the following: Phone: Work: 928-526-1157, x222; Cell: 928-853-1938; Mailing Address: 6400 N. Highway 89, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001; Email:

- Employment Opportunity (Phoenix): Arizona State Parks is looking for a new Director for the Arizona Site Steward Program. Ann Howard reports that the Arizona State Historic Preservation Office is pleased to announce that the position for Arizona Site Steward Program Coordinator has been opened. Please see the information below if you are interested in applying. - MS Word Document

Thanks to Brian Kenny for Contributions to Today's Newsletter and his work on the 2008 Pecos Conference!