Monday, July 21, 2008

2008 Pecos Conference Going Web 2.0, ARCA Conference

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- 2008 Pecos Conference Embraces Web 2.0 Technology (!) We are ready to go August 7-10, 2008. We have scheduled: campground facilities; an opening reception, advanced seminars, four plenary sessions (Cooperation & Collaboration, Databases, Early Farming, End of Clovis Meteorites & Megafauna Extinction); six workshops; eight site tours; a film festival; a Saturday night dinner; a beer bash and evening musical entertainment & dancing; a conference business meeting; and well-over sixty presentations from around the "greater southwest" (field reports; posters; speaker's corner). Introducing Digital Methods -- Customize & Enhance The Authentic Pecos Conference This is a direct appeal and an invitation -- Please come blog & film the 2008 Pecos Conference -- Bring your laptop. Bring your cellphone txt messaging. Bring your cellphone camera. Bring your video camera. Bring your digital camera. Take photos. Text message & blog to your friends, colleagues & students about the presentations. The annual and ever-changing content of the Pecos Conference has always faded away much too quickly, but with digital methods, your research content and opinions can be more widely shared and appreciated.

- - Conference Announcement, American Cultural Resource Association: The American Cultural Resource Assocation (ACRA) is holding its annual conference at the University Marriott in Tucson, September 25 to 28. ACRA is a trade association representing CRM companies across the country, including archaeologists, architects who work with historic buildings, landscape architects, geomorphologists, and all those affiliated with the industry. Organizational goals are to promote good business practices that benefit archaeology and the client, influence state and federal preservation policy, and provide professional training and education for members. Individuals from member and non-member companies are invited to register and attend the conference.

- University of Nevada Students Excavating in Historic Virginia City: For the next few weeks, 10 college students will be digging for answers in Virginia City. The University of Nevada's Anthropology Department is hoping students can unearth historical secrets from the time when Mark Twain called the Comstock home. Thursday was the second day of digging for the group and they're excited at what they're uncovering.

- Current Issue of Scientific American Focuses upon Prehistoric Migrations: Gary Stix discusses his July Scientific American cover article on DNA evidence for the history of human migration. - Scientific American Podcast

- Lecture Opportunity (Tucson) : AAHS Lecture, tonight, Monday, July 21, 7:30 PM DuVal Auditorium, University Medical Center 1501 N Campbell. Jesse Ballenger, Ph.D Candidate, University of Arizona will present " Naco, Arizona: Renewed Paleontological and Archaeological Prospecting on the U.S.-Mexico Border," at the monthly meeting of the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society.

- Support Kiva, the Journal of Record for Southwestern Archaeology: While the deadline for the new Volume Year has passed, there is still time to join the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society and receive the first issue of Volume year 74 on schedule for publication in the fall of 2008. AAHS members, if you've not renewed your membership, please send in your renewals soon so you don’t miss the upcoming new volume year.

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