Monday, April 6, 2009

Old Hubble Trading Post Building Converted to Winslow Heritage Center - Lecture Opportunities

Southwestern Archaeology Making the News - A Service of the Center for Desert Archaeology

- Winslow's Hubble Trading Post Sees New Use as Regional Heritage Center: As part of Winslow’s self-proclaimed Renaissance, the city is reviving many of its historic areas to allow visitors and residents to learn more about the region’s dynamic past from the days of Indian trading to cruising Route 66. As part of that resurgence, the Winslow Chamber of Commerce has relocated into the renovated historic Hubbell Trading Post, and is dividing the space into a visitor’s center and a museum display that the chamber plans depict the city’s heritage. The theme and the items to be displayed in the 2,500 square foot area have been subjects of discussion for group of local citizens assigned with the task of using that area to best represent what the history of the region encompasses.

- Home Depot Foundation Supports Renovation of Mesa's Park of the Canals: "I think it will be the rebirth of the park," said Bert Millett, a leader in efforts to restore the Park of Canals. The park, which features displays and historic remnants of ancient Hohokam canals, at one time drew visitors from throughout the city. However it started to decline and acquire a bad reputation among residents when the city removed wooden playground equipment that was falling apart and dangerous to use, but couldn't replace it because of financial problems.

- Lecture Opportunity (Tubac): "Human-Mammoth Associations in the San Pedro Valley: Why So Many?" Topic for the Tubac/SCC AAS Program April 9th. According to archaeologist Jesse Ballenger, the San Pedro Valley in Southern Arizona contains four mammoth kill sites between Sierra Vista and Naco-the densest concentration of mammoth kill sites known to science. Ballenger will explore this phenomenon from methodological, ecological, and geological perspectives during his talk, "Human-Mammoth Associations in the San Pedro Valley: Why So Many?" The event is being hosted by the Tubac/SCC AAS Chapter on Thursday, April 9, beginning at 6 p.m. at the
Tubac Presidio State Historic Park in Old Town Tubac. - MS Word Document

- Lecture Opportunity Tonight in Santa Fe: Southwest Seminars Presents the 2009 Ancient Sites, Ancient Stories program, benefiting the Archaeological Conservancy. Tonight's lecture will be presented by Dr. Dennis Jenkins, Senior Research Associate, Oregon State Museum. "Evidence for Pre-Clovis Human Occupations in Paisley Cave, Northern Great Basin" will be presented at 6:00 pm at the Hotel Santa Fe.