Monday, June 29, 2009

Pecos Registration Deadline Extended

Southwestern Archaeology Making the News - A Service of the Center for Desert Archaeology

- Pecos "Early Bird" Resistration Deadline Extended Until July 15: Good News! If you haven't registered for the 2009 Pecos Conference yet, we are extending the early bird registration price until July 15. This should be a very interesting conference given recent events in Utah. Craig Childs will be speaking on Friday evening and I'm sure he will have some relevant comments. Saturday morning there will be a mini-symposium on Collaborative Heritage Preservation organized by Chuck Riggs which will continue the theme of protecting and preserving sites. On Friday morning, Sally Cole has organized an overview of recent Basketmaker II research. Further information about camping, the reception, and field trips can also be found on the web site.

- Navajo National Monument is a Doorway to the Past: In the Navajo language, Betatakin means "house on a ledge." It's a good name. The ancient village sprawls across a sandstone ledge above the floor of one branch of Tsegi Canyon, a labyrinthine system etched deep into the bedrock of northeastern Arizona. Although Betatakin, the most recognizable and accessible of the spectacular ruins in Navajo National Monument, was inhabited for fewer than 50 years, it has become one of the iconic symbols of the ancient people who once inhabited this region, but left - for reasons not entirely clear - so many centuries ago.

- Homol'ovi Attests to Ancient Hopi Migrations: To Donald Nelson, a Hopi who grew up in Prescott, Homol'ovi is not just another state park. "Homol'ovi State Park to me is a very special place, in that it reaffirms the history of our migration as Hopi clans," Nelson explained of the park, which sits along the Little Colorado River about 60 miles south of the Hopi mesas.

- Archaeologist and Professor Jonathan E. Ericson Passes (From Mark Peterson) Apparently he passed away in his sleep, peacefully, after waiting to get through Father's Day. . . and to see his daughters through high school. I was just going to call to tell him Social Ecology is now referenced in every epidemiological text I've encountered, sometimes as subheading, others as major sections. I suppose the best thing to do in memory of Jon is to complete all of our outstanding research (like the Syria work; sulfur and trace element research in Chione growth rings, the book on the big Border Barrier dig). He was my mentor and advisor for 20 some years,.. He was at Harvard; the curator for the Getty, and learned Radiocarbon from Libby himself.Just so people know what a true genius we lost. Sorry to deliver such sad news.

- Request for Proposals (Data Recovery - Prescott Region): Yavapai Prescott Indian Tribe. Archaeological data recovery services are being solicited for the historic Whipple Barracks Landfill, Site AZ N:7:108 (ASM), located on tribal land adjacent to Prescott. This 74,085-square-foot site, dating from 1873 to the 1980s, is known to contain some hazardous substances, most notably asbestos-containing material. Key project personnel must be HAZWOPER certified prior to field work. Sealed proposals are due July 24, 2009 by 5:00 p.m. MST. For an information packet contact: Scott Kwiatkowski, Anthropologist/Archaeologist, Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe, 530 E. Merritt, Prescott, AZ 86301-2038, (928) 308-2040 (voice), (928) 778-9445 (fax).

- Position Announcement – Program Manager, Native American and Alaska Native Program Morris K. Udall Foundation (Tucson): The U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution (U.S. Institute) is a program of the Morris K. Udall Foundation, a federal agency dedicated to honoring the legacy of the late Congressman Udall in
consensus-building, environmental policy and Native American affairs. The U.S. Institute was created by Congress as an impartial, non-partisan service organization to assist in resolving environmental, natural resources, and public lands conflicts involving the federal government. It is located in Tucson, Arizona, and works nationally in a variety of program areas, drawing on its national referral resources.

Thanks to Jackson Underwood for contributing to today's newsletter.