Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Innovative On-line Bibliography for Repatriation and Reburial

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- Innovative On-line Bibliography for Repatriation and Reburial: A roughly 1000-item online bibliography for Repatriation and Reburial, collected and contributed to by Robyn G. Ewing, MA candidate at Simon Fraser University, T.J. Ferguson, and John R. Welch is now available via RefShare. While not exhaustive, this database contains materials referencing the long history of the repatriation and reburial movement, predominantly in North America. We hope this will be of assistance to Indigenous communities, museum professionals and archaeologists.
http://www.cdarc.org/page/bqqq - RefShare Repatriation and Reburial.

- Clovis Point Found Near Tucson: A rare architectural relic (sic) discovered in Sahuarita and on its way to the Arizona State Museum in Tucson could help illuminate the way early humans lived in this part of the state. A Clovis point spearhead, named for the city in New Mexico where the first of its kind was unearthed in the 1930s, was recovered near Sahuarita this month. The artifact itself isn’t so exceptional — they’re found all over North America. What’s significant is where it was found, said Arthur Vokes, who has curated the museum’s architectural (sic) repository for nearly 30 years.

- Archeo-Nevada Society Starts Fall Meetings (Las Vegas): Fall meetings begin September 10th at 7pm. Our president Dr Kevin Rafferty will speak on his ongoing research at The Valley of Fire State Park. His research is conducted by the Survey Field School of the College of Southern Nevada. Meetings are held monthly on the second Thursday of each month through May. All meetings are in the K building room K-228 (at the far south end of the College of Southern Nevada W. Charleston Campus). Anyone interested in archaeology of the Southwest are welcome to attend.

- Employment Opportunity (El Paso): There is a current job opening for Curator at the El Paso Museum of Archaeology. Candidate must have a Master’s degree in archaeology, anthropology, museum studies, or American history, and one (1) year of museum exhibit development or design or curatorial experience.
http://www.cdarc.org/page/fsox - City of El Paso Employment

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