Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Change to NAGPRA Regulations Ensures Museums Repatriate Culturally Unidentifiable Human Remains

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Change to NAGPRA Regulations Ensures Museums Repatriate Culturally Unidentifiable Human Remains

A change in the 1990 Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act may force the University of Michigan’s Museum of Anthropology — as well as museums across the country — to redistribute their collections of Native American human remains. On Monday, a NAGPRA committee approved a change in the act that will force museums to inform Native American tribes that “culturally unidentifiable” remains found in their tribal regions may potentially be returned to them.
http://tinyurl.com/ybbkd3w - Michigan Daily

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community’s, Huhugam Ki Museum to Host “Pieces of the Puzzle – New Perspectives on the Hohokam”

On Saturday March 27th 2010 at 10am, the Huhugam Ki Museum will open its doors allowing the public to view the traveling exhibit from Tucson’s Center for Desert Archaeology, entitled “Pieces of the Puzzle: New Perspectives on the Hohokam.” Research for this particular exhibit includes artifacts already excavated and cataloged in museum repositories from the state including Arizona State Museum and Pueblo Grande Museum. Research and theory had been put together by leading archeologists and museum fellows to present new perspectives on how the Hohokam are viewed by the scientific and anthropological fields.
http://www.cdarc.org/satpieces_press_release.doc - MS Word Document

Arguing for a Much Earlier Colonization of the New World
Two U.S. scientists have published a radical new theory about when, where and how humans migrated to the New World, arguing that the peopling of the Americas may have begun via Canada's High Arctic islands and the Northwest Passage -- much farther north and at least 10,000 years earlier than generally believed. The hypothesis -- described as "speculative" but "plausible" by the researchers themselves -- appears in the latest issue of the journal Current Biology, which features a special series of new studies tracing humanity's proliferation out of Africa and around the world beginning about 70,000 years ago.
http://tinyurl.com/y86lsmn - Vancouver Sun

Colonial Spanish Empire Utilized an Ancient Roman Perspective on the New World

The Getty Villa, California's temple to ancient Greece and Rome, is currently hosting a show of objects and manuscripts from the earliest days of Nueva EspaƱa. What's the connection? "From the moment Europeans went to Mexico, … they encountered a culture that was so unfamiliar, the only frame of reference they had was their knowledge of Roman antiquity."

Local Funding to Keep a Few Arizona State Parks Open

Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park is one of six Arizona state parks slated for closure that will stay open, at least for now. The state Parks Board on Wednesday approved agreements to accept money from city governments and other state agencies to keep some parks open. Agreements with the cities of Camp Verde, Yuma and Tombstone call for those cities to take over part or all of the operations at Fort Verde, Yuma Territorial Prison and Tombstone Courthouse state historic parks.
http://tinyurl.com/ydteocu - Arizona Daily Star

Petroglyphs Near Tucson Vandalized

Vandals have damaged priceless petroglyphs - ancient rock carvings - at popular Picture Rocks northwest of Tucson. The vandalism incidents, which occurred over the past three years, prompted owners of the site to post warning signs and call for vigilance by visitors. "People have been seen vandalizing petroglyphs. There has been some damage - defacing of the rocks," said Peter Tran, assistant director of the Redemptorist Renewal Center, 7101 W. Picture Rocks Road.
http://tinyurl.com/yfto93a - Arizona Daily Star

The Petroglyphs of Grapevine Canyon, Nevada

History buffs travel for many miles to explore Grapevine Canyon near Laughlin, Nevada because of a site in the canyon full of ancient and fascinating drawings. The wide varieties of Native American petroglyphs are found on the canyon walls and in the caves. The tribes that created the petroglyphs are unknown but thought to be the Mojave. They probably farmed nearby and retreated to the canyon when the Colorado River flooded.
http://tinyurl.com/yeg4dgr - The Galt Herald Online

National Park Service Finds Ways to Save Money and Fund Additional Projects

The National Park Service (NPS) announced recently that favorable pricing on its American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) large construction projects has resulted in savings of over 20 percent totaling approximately $129 million. The Service will use these dollars to fund an additional 30 high priority projects across the country putting additional people to work in ways that will leave a permanent legacy for our national parks through critical facility improvements, infrastructure repairs, and energy efficiency enhancements.
http://tinyurl.com/ylew8b4 - Public Works.Com

Travelouge - Canyon de Chelly

I feel a sense of mystery and adventure while crossing the sweeping Arizona high desert toward this hidden place. A black ribbon of tarmac rises and falls down the road ahead. Arid pasture land, spotted with free-range livestock, flows by. Few passing cars break a spell of isolation from the outside world of Interstates. Only the modest settlement at Chinle restores any perception of civilization in this wilderness. Still, there is no hint of the beauty to be found below the plateau surface awaiting me at Canyon de Chelly pronounced "day-shay."
http://tinyurl.com/y88sra9 - San Diego Source

Scientology Founder's Phoenix Home Listed on National Register

About one hundred local residents of the Arcadia and surrounding Phoenix neighborhoods gathered as the sun set opposite Camelback Mountain on Friday to celebrate the designation of the L. Ron Hubbard House by The National Register of Historic Places in Washington D.C. as a "historic place worthy of preservation." Keynote speaker Mr. Bill Runyon, historian and chairman of the L. Ron Hubbard Foundation in Washington D.C. stated: “During the almost three-year period (1952-1954) when L. Ron Hubbard lived in the suburban home, he formulated his main ideas about the soul and produced writings and lectures to help Man from a spiritual viewpoint. Here is where the religion of Scientology was born.
http://tinyurl.com/yg7ryta - Yahoo News

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