Monday, April 26, 2010

Rediscovered Notes Shed Light on the OK Corral Incident

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Rediscovered Notes Shed Light on the OK Corral Incident
Just days after the famous shootout at the O.K. Corral, the Cochise County coroner convened an inquest to hear testimony from the witnesses and survivors. On Wednesday, the yellowed and taped original handwritten minutes of that inquest made their way to the state Department of Library and Archives, where officials hope to properly preserve them so they're around for researchers for the next half-millennium. - Arizona Daily Star

Short Course on Preservation and Sustainability (New York)
Preservation and Sustainability addresses energy and resource-conscious design at both building and neighborhood scales through the strategies, tools and ethos of historic preservation. Topics will include ratings and metrics, planning for sustainability, and negotiating conflicting value systems. The course format will be seminar presentations, discussions, and site visits to projects in the city. Faculty will include John Anderson, Engineer, LEED AP; Jeffrey M. Chusid, Cornell University; Walter Sedovic, FAIA; Stephen Tilly, Architect. These courses are open to design professionals in private practice, government and non-profit agencies, and students in architecture, landscape architecture, planning and historic preservation. These courses are open to design professionals in private practice, government and non-profit agencies, and students in architecture, landscape architecture, planning and historic preservation.

3 More Guilty Pleas in 4-Corners Looting Case
Three southern Utah men who admitted selling ancient artifacts taken from public land are the latest to plead guilty after a lengthy federal crackdown on theft and trafficking of American Indian relics in the Four Corners area. At a hearing in Moab on Friday, Nick Laws and Dale Lyman each pleaded guilty to one count of violating federal laws aimed at protecting artifacts on public and tribal lands. Aubry Patterson pleaded guilty to trafficking in stolen artifacts and theft of government property.

Crow Canyon and BLM Video "Visit With Respect" Wins SAA Award
A short film produced in the Four Corners area has won a national award from the Society for American Archaeology during its 75th anniversary meeting held recently in St. Louis. “Visit With Respect” was one of 65 submissions to the Society for American
Archaeology’s 7.5 Film Fest. After initial review by the National Geographic Society, 30 films were selected for screening in St. Louis, with only four films, including “Visit With Respect” ultimately receiving awards.

14th Annual Sheep is Life Celebration, June 14-19, 2010
Diné be’ iiná (The Navajo Lifeway) presents the 14th Annual Sheep is Life Celebration
The Celebration will be held from June 14–19, 2010 at the Diné College Land Grant Program Facility in Tsailé, AZ, in the Navajo Nation. The Celebration is organized by Navajo sheep herders and weavers to honor the central role of sheep and fiber arts in the spirituality, philosophy, and daily life of cultures throughout the world. Everyone is invited to participate, bring tools, spindles, fibers, and creativity to share. - the Navajo

Havasupai Settle Blood Sample Case with ASU
An Arizona Indian tribe has ended a seven-year legal fight over blood samples members gave to university scientists for diabetes research that were later used to study schizophrenia, inbreeding and ancient population migration in what tribal members called a case of genetic piracy. The Havasupai Indians, who live deep in a gorge off the Grand Canyon, settled their lawsuits with Arizona State University in an agreement announced Wednesday and approved by the Legislature's Joint Legislative Budget Committee on Tuesday. - Yahoo News

Lecture Opportunity (Sedona)
The Sedona Historical Society is hosting the next in their 2010 series of Living History presentations on Wednesday May 5 at 9:00 a.m. at the Sedona Heritage Museum. Speaker Micah Loma’omvaya is a Hopi tribal member of the Bear Clan from Songoopavi Village on Second Mesa, Arizona. Micah will discus the ancient routes the prehistoric people, the Hisatsinom, blazed thousands of years ago with destinations as varied as the landscape they traversed.

"What's up in the 13th century?" Free Field Trip - Grants, New Mexico
The suspects include changes in climate, governance, and spirituality. Ceramic designs, villages, geographic dispersion and more are in flux. We'll discuss these topics and more on a walk to some evidence, the Aldridge Petroglyph Panel in the Cebolla Wilderness of El Malpais National Conservation Area. Join us in celebrating the 10th anniversary of BLM's National Landscape Conservation System and meet on Saturday May 1st at 10
AM at the Ranger Station on State road 117. Drive 25 miles south and park.Walk slowly on level terrain for an hour. Bring a lunch and dine near the site. Be back at the vehicles around 2 PM. Bring 4 liters of water (2 for the walk & 2 for before and after), sturdy shoes, and outerwear in case of wind or a shower. Recommended are binocs for the bird life, hiking poles, hat & sunscreen. Info at 505.289.2918 or Happy Trails!

Celebrate Mother’s Day at the Deer Valley Rock Art Center!
The Deer Valley Rock Art Center, a museum and archaeological site located in northwest Phoenix, is pleased to offer a Mother’s Day special. On May 9, 2010 from 8am to 2pm, we invite visitors to bring their mother to the Center for free! Pay one regular admission and your mom is free as we celebrate mothers on this special day.