Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Legal Battle over Geronimo's Remains Continues

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Legal Battle over Geronimo's Remains Continues

Descendants of Geronimo say they aren't giving up their legal effort to find out once and for all if the venerable Apache chief's remains are ensconced at Yale. A Washington judge late last month dismissed a suit demanding that Yale's Skull and Bones society turn over a skull and other remains that, according to legend, are inside the club's building in Connecticut.
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Sacred Objects Repatriated to Northern California Tribe
White deerskins, condor feathers and head dresses made of bright red woodpecker scalps are among more than 200 sacred artifacts that are once again in the possession of a Northern California Indian tribe. The Yurok Tribe celebrated the items' return this past week — among the largest repatriation of Native American sacred objects ever — from the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian.
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Hiking Opportunity with El Malapis NCA
BLM's El Malpais NCA hosts a ranger-led 2 mile hike, "Ancient Graffiti -
Sacred Altar", on 8/28/10 to the Aldridge Petroglyph Panels. Come to
Grants, New Mexico and delve into the wonders and wisdom of the ancestor's
creations. Info at 505.280.2918.
http://www.cdarc.org/sat/8-28-10-aldridge.doc - MS Word Document

Lecture Opportunity (Phoenix)
Arizona State University’s Deer Valley Rock Art Center will kick off its fall season of events with a free lecture at 1 p.m., Sept. 4, titled “Hopi PÅ‘nawit ~ Along Ancient Trails and the Cultural Landscape of the Hopi People.” Speaking will be Micah Loma’omvaya, a Hopi tribal member of the Bear Clan from Songoopavi Village on Second Mesa, Ariz. Loma’omvaya earned a B.A. degree in anthropology from the University of Arizona in 1997 and has worked in the field of anthropology since the age of 17.

Lecture Opportunity (Tubac)
The Center for Desert Archaeology’s Southwest Field Representative Andy Laurenzi will give a presentation to the Santa Cruz Valley Chapter of the Arizona Archaeological Society on September 9, 2010, 7 PM, at the North County Facility at 50 Bridge Road in Tubac. His topic will be the expansion of the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. The presentation is free and open to the public.

UKTV Documentary Examines Possible Clovis Connection to Solutrean Europe

Ancient Armenia is the latest Topic on the Archaeology Channel
Built more than 2000 years ago as the grand capitol city of Armenia, Tigranakert succumbed to the Mongol invasion of the Thirteenth Century and came to light again only in 2005. We are pleased to bring this underappreciated story to the world in Tigranakert: An Armenian Odyssey, the latest video feature on our nonprofit streaming-media Web site, The Archaeology Channel http://www.archaeologychannel.org

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